Founders and Locals of Dota

We’d like to shed some light on who got the skatepark founded originally, the locals are that help run the Instagram, and the founders of the Dirty Dota Instagram that helped make all this happen throughout the past few years.

Dirty Dota Founders Interview Series

Rogers Lake Skatepark Founders

Tim Meyers

Tim is described by many as the most OG Dirty Dota local. He was the most adamant Mendota Heights resident that originally helped voice the need for a skatepark in their city. He fought tooth and nail for years to turn the city’s attention to the need of skateparks in the early 2000’s. After years of pushing to get the park built, attending Council and Parks meetings, and with support from the community of residents that live off Wagon Wheel Trail, he was able to convince the city to provide citizens with a skatepark. They looked at several locations, and it was decided that Rogers Lake Park’s under-used tennis court should be repurposed into the new skatepark. The decision to convert the tennis court was officially signed off in 2002 with a 3/2 vote by the Mendota Heights City Council. The skatepark was finally built in 2004 with features provided by the company True Ride, formerly based in Duluth, MN. If you see Tim at your local skatepark or around Dota please reach out and give him a huge thank you for everything he’s done for the city and the community of skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX riders, and roller skaters!

The Miller Family and The Winchfest Crew

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Dirty Dota Instagram Founders

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The Locals

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