Fundraising and Park Funds

We’d like to show our progress for everything we’re saving for and this page is dedicated to tracking our progress. We’d like to give people the option to buy merchandise on our Merch. page so that you can get something in return for helping put money into the community. We’ll be putting all proceeds back into Dirty Dota in one way or another.

Dirty Dota funds will go to small events such as pizza parties/grill outs at the park, all the way up to giveaways, future additions at Dota, and our stretch goal of buying the young local homie Rand Humes a car so he can get himself to the park.

We will be appointing a small board of locals, community members, and one or two non local skaters that will vote on where proceeds get moved into each month. We will have their contact info below so you can reach out with questions and ideas going forward.

Pizza Days Grill Outs
$60/30 $60/30
New Box Skateable Table
$0/1000 $0/1000
Giveaway Items Car for Rand
$0/100 $100/1000
Crack Repairs Ramp Repairs
$0/50 $0/50
Dirty Dota Fund Progress

If you’d like to donate directly towards a specific fund feel free to hit our Venmo or PayPal and let us know what you’d like to see your money go toward and we’ll make it happen.

Venmo @DirtyDota

PayPal @TheDirtyDota