Donated Items and Used Parts

We’d like to welcome users of Rogers Lake Park to donate their boards or shoes to younger members of the community in need. If you’ve got a board that’s falling apart feel free to reach out and we’ll see if we can find someone to help you get a replacement.

We’ll accept donated items of any kind but ask that people refrain from bringing new features and obstacles to the park without getting the proper approval from City Council.

If you’d like to donate directly online today, feel free to check out our Merchandise shop at the Dirty Dota Store or our Fundraising page at Dirty Dota Fundraising. We’d like to help provide the locals with paint, brooms, screws and tools to keep the park maintained and repaired. We’d also like to help fundraise for future features, pizza parties, and grill outs, as well as fun stretch goals for giveaways, and getting Rand a car.

We'd like to welcome all riders of Dota to help out younger generations of users with old equipment that you no longer use. If you'd like to drop off some old stuff at the park feel free or let us know below and we'll make sure it gets passed along.
If you're looking to donate let us know what you have and we'll make sure that it gets into the hands of someone who needs it at Dirty Dota.