About Dirty Dota

994 Wagon Wheel Trail, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

The name Dirty Dota stems back to the ground and dope old prefab features at the skatepark. The locals have always felt that crusty, dusty, crack infested, ancient tennis court surface was unique and fun to skate although very very dirty. Dota obviously stands for Mendota Heights. Hence, Dirty Dota, was the name of choice that stuck over the years.

Rogers Lake Park Skatepark, better known as Dirty Dota or just Dota is a Minnesota Skatepark based in Mendota Heights. It’s located just south east of Minneapolis and directly south of Downtown Saint Paul in the central Twin Cities area.

The park is an old tennis court that was repurposed into a skate park back in 2004. The surface makes it very unique and the features at the park only add to way things beautifully flow together. The tree line along the west end of the park allows for shading of the skatepark in the afternoon and also provides protection from windy days.

All Wheels are Welcome!!!

Below are photos of the park and it’s current features.

Below is a quick and simple flyover of Dirty Dota from a few different angles and also featuring a bit of the rest of Rogers Lake Park. Rogers Lake Park features swings, fishing docks, volleyball, a playground, a path that goes around the lake, and of course everyone’s favorite, skatepark. Dirty Dota was built in 2004 and has been a home away from home for many Twin Cities skaters throughout those years. This park has been showed love from all types and kinds of skaters from Hopsin, Steve Nesser, Jeremy Reeves, to kids that parents bring from down the block. Dota is an all wheels welcome skatepark.

Dirty Dota Drone Views